A Timeline of What Happens to the Waste You Put in Skips in Adelaide

In Adelaide, when you put your waste in skips, what happens to them? When you put your waste in skips, their life cycles are usually more complicated than those taken to the rubbish dump.

With Adelaide skips, your waste, depending on its type, passes through different stages. For clarity, the timeline of what happens to your waste will start from when it’s picked up. 

Transfer Station

Unlike other forms of waste disposal, when skip companies come to pick up your waste, they take it to their transfer station. This shouldn’t take more than a day. Normally, it would be taken to a rubbish dump or landfill where all the wastes are lumped together and destroyed. 

What’s significant about the transfer station is that all waste in your skip is thoroughly sorted before it gets to the landfill. For example, if your skip containing household waste is combed through, recyclable waste such as bottles and cans is removed, and the useless waste is taken to the rubbish dump.

This is where the timeline of the different types of waste differ. Taking all the various wastes to their appropriate places could take days or weeks. Green waste. Bottle and can waste, construction waste etc., go through different locations and processes once they’ve been gathered. We’ll be considering the timeline the different types of waste go through.

Waste Bottles And Cans

Many households dispose of bottles and cans in their skips even though they’re better recycled. Bottles and cans are recycled items, and when they’re found in skips, they’re taken to Adelaide recycling depots; the useful undamaged ones are recycled while the damaged ones are taken to the landfills. 

Construction Waste

Construction wastes are also recyclable as they can be used again on other construction projects. Gathered construction waste could be donated to smaller construction projects or facilities for further use. 

There’s another part to construction waste, however- the toxic part. Construction waste contains asbestos which is a highly toxic substance. If asbestos-containing waste is gotten, it’s handed off to professionals where it is recycled. Asbestos is recycled into more construction equipment, roofing etc. 

But most Adelaide skip companies don’t accept asbestos waste, so you should ask before you dispose of it. Mini Bin doesn’t get asbestos waste, but we can help you with professionals that accept it. Don’t take it to the rubbish dump where it’ll have other negative effects on the environment.

Green Waste

Some homeowners are avid gardeners and have skips dedicated to green waste. Green waste is also gotten from landscaping and some construction projects. Green waste is donated to gardening or recycling centres that specialise in handling green waste.

In these centres, green waste is used to make compost. This compost is repackaged and sold for further agricultural use. 

Any other type of waste that can’t be recycled is either incinerated at the transfer station or taken to the landfill. One thing is sure; your wastes are treated better when you dump them into skip bins. 

A mini bin is here if you need reliable skips in Adelaide. We have skips in a wide range of sizes along with other waste disposal services you’d love. Message us with any questions you have!


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