A Guide to Skip Bin Hire: How To Stack Your Rubbish

The main reason people hire skip bins Adelaide is usually to dispose of a large amount of waste that they can’t handle. However, you can’t dump all your rubbish haphazardly in the skip bin and expect it to be picked up. It’ll be rejected, and you’ll have to arrange your waste correctly, and this can waste your time, especially if you had plans.

For your Adelaide skip bin hire to go smoothly- you need to learn how to stack your rubbish. Here are some tips that will guide you with stacking your rubbish.

Bring Out All The Waste You Plan To Dispose Of

Have all the waste you want to dispose of in your front while you’re loading your skip bin. This will help you to organise your waste better because it’ll ensure no waste is left out. And it will also help you to manage the trash you’re dealing with better.

When you forget an important piece of debris, you may be tempted to arrange your trash in any manner. Also, knowing what you want to dispose of will help you understand the skip bin size you need.

Ordering a smaller size skip bin has more disadvantages than hiring an oversized skip bin because you’d be unable to dump all your waste into it. But at least you’ll have more than enough waste to work with when it comes to an oversized skip bin.

If you’re thinking a skip bin size is too small for what you plan to use it for, order a size or two sizes above to be on the safe side.

Heaviest To Lightest

Stack your waste from the heaviest waste to the lightest. If you produce light waste such as plastic bottles, cans, paper, or any material that doesn’t weigh a lot, they should be at the top of your skip bin. 

When you put light waste at the bottom of a skip bin, they’ll take up more space than they need. On the other hand, the heavier waste materials such as bricks, concrete, heavy machinery, etc., should be at the bottom as they tend to take up only as much space as they need. 

Flat Items 

When you’re arranging the heavy items, you should ensure the flat ones are the first thing placed into the skip bin. You can’t stack waste effectively when bulky items are the foundation of a skip bin. Likewise, you can’t stack weirdly shaped items on top of each other – you’ll run out of space faster than usual.

By placing flat items first in the skip bin, you’ll be able to stack them on top of each other, effectively maximising space. If possible, you should break larger items into smaller pieces so they can take up less space.

When you’re stacking waste in a skip bin for hire, you need to utilise every hack you can think of. Mini Bin is the number one Adelaide skip bin for hire company you should consider. We offer waste products that will make stacking your waste a breeze.

If you’re still having issues stacking your waste in any skip bin you hire from us, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with more tips!


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